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Post by Salya on Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:47 pm

Hello there... I'm Salya..

I joined to hopefully get more members to my new forum, My Deadly Sins.

So about me...
I'm a female, I play RPGS, Draw randomly, make graphics, write stories, read books, roleplay off and on and watch anime.
I play a lot of games that are a lot like Final Fantasy since it's one of my most favorite games. =3 I even have more RPCs for these games then I do for any other game or anime.
I have no life since I have no job... nor dream... Sad. I'm hoping to help my best friend with her dream to be a writer and I hoping I can draw for her books. =3 So yea...

Status :

Gender Gender : Female
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Age Age : 31
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