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How Many Forums are you staff at? And why?

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None How Many Forums are you staff at? And why?

Post by Black Mist on Sat May 07, 2011 5:28 am

How Many Forums are you staff at? And why do you pick these staff positions, and how do they benefit you?

For me, I'm
A Admin/Founder at my site (of course)
A Stander Moderator at Pspunderground
A Packager at Forumansion
(and if things work out, I might be a packager at Promotionstadium)
so all and all 3 (possible 4)

The reason why I picked S-Mod at pspunderground was because Ive been a member there since I was 13, (And now i'm about to turn 17) so many Ups and downs, (if I was to tell the whole story it would be to long, you just had to be there for all that time) Now it's like more of a family there instead of just a community where everyone talks all formal... (not saying it's a bad thing, just saying we know eachother well that we act as if your with your real friends and family at home)
The benefit for me I guess is just ... "That Respect" the respect that you get when a new member joins and gives, because they know your at position of power, and you've been there wayyyy long then they have

The reason why I like to be packager at sites now is because to me, Is ALL the exposer it give me to other sites sites... Some sites I would have never seen or knew possible the things they do at them if I wasn't a packager... all the styles, the people, the ideas it sparks, not to mention the benefits...
more exposer to you and your forum (For me anyway, I don't know about others) The perks you get... Just being 1 is great to me...

and thats my reasons why choosing those staff positions...

BTW: Being a sponsor or donater or something to that effect doesn't count, because your basically giving money for your staff spot
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