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Command and Conquer 4 YOU

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None Command and Conquer 4 YOU

Post by Bob on Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:15 am

A C&C fan community where you can enjoy discussing and learning about all C&C games! Smile


C&C4U started 3 days ago, and was open to a limited amount of people. To test the forum out start some discussions, and more. Today the 5th of July is the offical release date. The site is now ready to be used by everyone who is a C&C fan or wants to become one.

About Us

The site is managed by 2 people, sgt.walton.001 and Bob. We both have worked some time on the site and we are happy we got this far. But we still got a long way to go. We fill each other up in skills. Bob is good with coding, graphics, while I am good in forum management and promoting. We both aim to get the community its own character, so far this has really visible but in time it will be . We wish you a great time on board.

About Command and Conquer

C&C is a serie of many games. It all started with Red Alert I who came up in 1996. Ever sins then the company has been bringing new games to add up to teh serie C&C. C&C was first managed by Westwood but EA Games have bought over the company and now produce the games. Alot of Westood staff have resigned during that time. And alot of people find the newest C&C not be anymore what C&C is and was about. Thats why it is still fun to play the old games like Red Alert II or Renegade, etc ...

Site Name: C&C4U - Command and Conquer For You.
Site URL:
Description: A new up coming fan community of all the C&C games.

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