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None Packages-Guidelines

Post by Donal on Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:38 pm

Is you forum feeling, well, a little bit empty? Have you got members to talk to? You don't? Then request a package now!
When requesting a Package, please include the following or your package request will be rejected.


[b]Forum URL:[/b]
[b]Package Name:[/b]
[b]Does Your Forum Need Email Verification For Registration:[/b]
[b]Special requests:[/b]

We offer 4 different types of Packages. Every package have entitles you to 1 member at most unless the Packager have already registered in your forum. Also, your forum must have at least 15 members and a total of at least 300 posts or it will be rejected. You can only have one request open.
Cessna Package
1 Topic
3 Posts
1 Member
Request Every 2 Days
Cost:10AP Credits

Learjet Package
4 Topics
8 Posts
1 Member
Request Every 4 Days
AP Credits

Boeing Package
9 Topics
14 Posts
1 Member
Request Every 8 Days
Cost:30AP Credits

Super Puma Package
13 Topics
21 Posts
2 Members
Request Every 14 Days
Cost:50AP Credits
2 Packagers will complete your request (1st Packager[7TOPICS, 11POSTS] 2nd Packager [6TOPICS, 10POSTS]

Please note that your package might take a few days to be completed
If you don't respond or reply to the topic after its completed it will be locked

If you would like to help out in the forum and be a Packager,send in your applications here

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