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Graphic Tutorials-Guidelines

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None Graphic Tutorials-Guidelines

Post by DesginerChris on Sun Feb 13, 2011 3:23 pm

Got a Tutorial you like to post? Post it here! Don't hesitate to help clueless people about graphics Wink


  • When Posting a Tutorial it must Include one image to verify what you are explaining.
  • When Posting a Tutorial it must have absolute standard English, meaning, no swearing, no l33t speak, no shortened words.
  • When Posting a Tutorial you must put in the credits at the bottom.
  • If
    you are going to post another persons tutorial you MUST have the
    credits at the bottom, if not, you will be banned for plagiarism.
  • When posting a Tutorial it must be about Graphics, anything other will be moved to the trashed and the poster, warned.
  • Your Topic Title must be relevant. Example; "How To Create A Signature".
  • Your Topic Title must have it's difficulty next to it. Example; "How To Create A Signature [Beginner]". Use one of these [Beginner] , [Normal] , [Difficult] , [Challenging] , [Experienced].

Thank you

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