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Want your FORUM Reviewed by professionals?

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None Want your FORUM Reviewed by professionals?

Post by pivetor on Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:54 pm

Here at -->WebReviews<--- We review your website, and tell you what you should improve and keep the same about your website/forum. We also give you a grade, so you can see how you did based on the grading scale. We grade your account several ways, so you will ALWAYS get the best reviews.

Looky here!

WebReviews are looking for website reviewers. To be a website reviewer you must complete the []Survey[/url] Once your done with that, we will take a look at your account on WebReviews, see if you had your account reviewed *will make you look better* See if you had any blackmarks *breaking the rules* Then we will review your survey. If you passed then congrats! if not, dont threat yourself. You can make 5 submissions a month.
For any more details message me -->WebReviews <--

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