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Advertise Hotspot - what is going on exactly

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None Advertise Hotspot - what is going on exactly

Post by Joel on Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:10 pm

Advertise Hotspot - what is going on exactly Ahrnl

As you all know, Advertise Hotspot have been going through a lot of stuffs lately. We got hacked, our forum got deleted and many more mishaps..thankfully, we got restored, and we're still alive. However, the forum will be offline and won't be open to anyone yet as we have and are receiving too much threats. Our scheduled open date, will be somewhere in January next year. We just want to let all of you know, that Advertise Hotspot isn't dead, i have not given up on it yet. You can expect a whole new AH when you see us back online.

Meanwhile, please stay with us and continue to support us. We'll be back in a blink Wink

Thank you,
Joel (Owner Of AH)

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