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The Hazey

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None The Hazey

Post by turtle on Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:45 pm


About Us
We are a forum hybrid - We have combined the following into one site. General Discussions, Graphic Discussion, Forum Services, Admin and Webmaster Support and Discussions, phpBB and myBB supporters section, plus much, much more.

We open on the 19th April 2010 and we currently have Posts per day: 311 • Total posts: 55374 • Total topics: 3157 • Total users: 295

To read our latest news click here:

We offer the following services at our site:
  • Graphic Service:
  • Posting Service:
  • Affilitate Service:
  • Advertising Service:
  • phpBB Service:
  • myBB Service:

You can pay two ways for all our services even by earning TH cash by posting on the forum or by paying for our premium services via paypal

We have a blog section which is updated on a regular basis and features the interview serious done by our admin Richazey, some of the people that have been interviewed so far are: DavidIQ, Cloverfield, imkingdavid and Igor W, all part of the phpBB staff.

Read our latest blog here:

Knowledge Base
We also have a vast knowledge base section which is updated on a dailly basis and we have the following catergories

  • Graphics Database
  • Graphic Articles & Tutorials Database
  • Administration, Forum & Coding Articles & Tutorials
  • The Hazey's Reviews
  • Site Showcase & The Reviews
  • phpBB Articles & Tutorials Database
  • phpBB Mods, Snippets & BB Code Database
  • phpBB Styles Database
  • MyBB Articles & Tutorials
  • MyBB Themes Database
  • MyBB Plugins, MyCodes

We also run two monthly contests.Site of the Month & Graphics of the Month
Both of the winners get a feature spot on the home and forum page for one month.

VIP Membership
We offer VIP membership to those who pay for a premium service or pay a $5 fee, plus we offer it to those members who go above and beyond for the site, members get the following benefits:

  • One PSD file
  • Extra posting and user permissions (such as free username change)
  • A personal photo album with ability to upload unlimited photos
  • Access to write their own blog
  • Exclusive TheHazey wallpaper designed by Green Cow
  • One free service a month (NB - Does not include premium services)
  • Access to a private forum
  • Access to the chat room
  • Access to the arcade
  • More to be announced soon....

Still Want To Know More?
Still can't decide if this is for you?, well come and have a look for yourself, we are a friendly bunch and we have a lot of unique custom built features done by richazey, plus we also have something big coming soon.....


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None Re: The Hazey

Post by turtle on Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:23 am

Be sure to vote in the site of the month and the graphic of the month that are currently up. TH also currently has a referral contest going on, be sure to join in on it for the chance to win:
* 1st Prize - At TLD purchased via godaddy or 123-reg and it will be transferred to your account their*
* 2nd Prize - $5 USD payed via paypal
* 3rd Prize - VIP Access for one month
* 4th Prize - Arcade Access for one month
* 5th Prize - One free service
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