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Freshy Designs v.1.3 (Total Ressurection!)

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None Freshy Designs v.1.3 (Total Ressurection!)

Post by Cool-processor on Fri Sep 17, 2010 11:01 pm

Freshy Designs has been rizen from the grave!Firstly opened in November 2009,known as Processor graphics,green leaf graphics,rainforest graphics,Farel,we finally got our name!Freshy Designs!We have been closed since March 2010 due to skin changes...finally,after so many months,our website is reopened!

What is Freshy Designs?
Freshy Designs is a website services freelance business based on Forumotion HTML pages.We dont have a forum,we are just using Forumotion for HTML pages hosting!!We try to push forumotion limits to the maximum!

What are your services?
What we can offer you:
Website Design
Forumotion Homepage Design
Graphic Design
Forumotion premium skins
Search Engine Optimization(Organic & Full)

How was your site made of?
70% JQuery plugins and Effects
CSS3 New Features
Editpad Lite
Forumotion HTML pages
20 litres of Ice Tea (Lemon & Orange)
100% recyclable

Just feel free to post any questions,comments,and of course,Feedback! Smile

ermm.. link?

Whoops sorry i forgot Razz
Domain coming soon Smile

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None Re: Freshy Designs v.1.3 (Total Ressurection!)

Post by frosty on Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:32 am

Thats one awsome website you've got! Very Happy

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