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Bid For The 125x125 Image Slot!

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None Bid For The 125x125 Image Slot!

Post by Joel on Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:45 pm

Have a 125x125 image of your forum to be displayed in the announcements feature! Bid for the slot with your boiling points! Guaranteed results!

Please read and follow the following..

* Bid will start at 50 boiling points
* Your bid must be at least 10 boiling points higher than the previous bid
* No going back! Once you entered the bidding, you cant regret your decision and ask for a refund!

The bidding will be on for 3 days (72 hours). The highest bid, will win the 125x125 advertisement slot! The advertisement will be staying there for one whole week. Also, please get a 125x125 image ready first, so your time wont be delayed! Remember! Guaranteed results! So hurry, start bidding!

Our previous bidding topic, can be found here, iJerick was the winner, who bidded the highest, 2007 boiling points. Let's see how far it will go now!

The winner will be notified via PM
Happy Bidding!


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