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Warning Bar-Guidelines

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None Warning Bar-Guidelines

Post by Donal on Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:45 am

Warning system in place

As some of you may be noticing right now, we've just put in place the Warning system.

Warning bars are simply a way so that staff and you can see how good your acting on this forum. If you have miss followed any rule your warning level will go down. Below is a guide on the colour of the bar so you know if your at a good status or a bad status:

=> Green Bar - wow your fine No broken rules! (Everyone will start off with this colour unless you have broken a rule and your status has went down.)

=> Yellow Bar - Hmm. you seem to have made a little mistake. Maybe you should read the rules.

=> Orange Bar - Uh oh! you have made a big fault in the rules. Make sure you read ALL the rules, and take it easy on the forum.

=> Red Bar - At this point you are VERY close to having a ban from the forum! you must read all rules and think about your actions.

=> Banned Bar - You have been banned from this forum which means you are unable to access anything of this website until you ban time is up.


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